• Office Analysis & Survey (identifies risk and ROI of the program)
  • Agent Success Indicator (helps Principal Agent self-identify and potential Succeeding Agents)
  • Agent Agreement / Commitment template
  • Timeline / Action Plan Addendum
  • Commission Schedule Addendum
  • ​Complete scripting, letter and email templates, invitation and thank-you templates
  • CRM Assistance
  • Consulting and assistance implementing the program

With eXaltPro's Agent Succession Plan... At Least 5 Wins!

If You Do Nothing...  At Least 3 Losses:

  • Agent leaving loses potential income from their book of business they have worked so hard to establish
  • The company loses all of that revenue from that agent's production
  • The Client loses their Trusted Advisor and has to go out and try to find someone else
  • NAR Predicts that over 50% of the agents today will leave the business in the next ten years
  • The average age of today’s Realtor is 56 and have an average of 12 years of experience
  • Average annual sales volume of $1.8M and 12 transactions
  • REALTORs with 16+ years of experience median gross income was $70,200
  • REALTORs with <2 years of experience median gross income was $8,500
  • The typical agent earned 21% of their business from repeat clients, and another 21% came from referrals from past clients

eXaltPro's exclusive Agent Succession Plan

is a system to help Brokers:

  • Identify agents within their company that may retire or leave the business in the next few years
  • Realize the revenue at risk if they do nothing
  • ​Implement a plan to systematically transfer this business to another agent within their company
  • Agent leaving WINS residual income from the book of business they worked so hard to establish!
  • Agent taking the business over WINS additional client base and income!
  • The company WINS continued revenue from that production!
  • The client WINS a new Trusted Advisor!
  • The company WINS by having a tangible recruiting product to add to their value proposition!


Real Estate Business Consulting & Coaching for All Aspects of Your Business!

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  • A $2 Million Dollar Producer Leaving the Business = $13,000  Annual Revenue Loss to the Company *
  • A $5 Million Dollar Producer  = $32,500  Annual Revenue Loss to the Company *
  • A $7 Million Dollar Producer = $45,500  Annual Revenue Loss to the Company *
  • A $10 Million Dollar Producer = $65,000  Annual Revenue Loss to the Company *

* Above numbers are estimates only and will vary from company to company based on average commission charged and agent commission schedules.  

So, what is your risk?

Our Agent Succession Plan includes:

"Raising People to a Position of Greater Power and Profitability"